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Vestas Plans to Close Three Facilities

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Cutting About 85 Jobs

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Manufacturing Group November 2, 2012

Vestas has decided to further simplify its global research and development (R&D) footprint to reduce operational costs. Therefore, Vestas will close its three R&D offices in the United States by the end of the second quarter in 2013.

In addition to previously announced closures of R&D operations in Houston, TX, and Marlborough, MA, the Louisville, CO, facility also will close. In the next three to six months, as Vestas closes its R&D offices in Houston, Marlborough, and Louisville, there will be a resulting workforce reduction of about 85 people combined at the three locations. This is a difficult decision to part with dedicated and talented people who contributed to Vestas’ success.

Vestas also closed R&D locations this year in China, Denmark, and Singapore, and reduced its R&D employee base by about 20% compared with 2011. Vestas will continue its R&D presence in six other locations around the world that will be able to design and develop products in a leaner and faster way. This focus on product development expects to more quickly increase turbine efficiency and lower costs for Vestas’ customers.

Vestas has adopted a flexible business strategy during a period of changing market dynamics in the wind industry. Vestas will continue to scale up or down depending on business needs and market demands.

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