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Tom Paine Group Adds Aeroex Mist Eliminators

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Suitable for High-Mist Applications, Available with Variable Mounting Options, Configurations

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Manufacturing Group December 7, 2012

The Tom Paine Group, the gold standard of manufacturers’ representatives, welcomes Aeroex Mist Eliminators to its cadre of brands.

“Aeroex has earned a solid reputation as a true leader in air cleaning systems for industrial facilities,” says Tom Paine, president and founder of the Tom Paine Group. “We represent only manufacturers of elite industrial products, so they’re a perfect fit. And the savings and air quality results are phenomenal.”

Based in Ontario, Canada, Aeroex produces mist elimination (also known as oil mist collecting) systems with a unique multi-stage separation technology that minimizes reliance on filters. Aeroex systems cut maintenance/downtime costs due to contaminants fouling equipment. Exceptional air quality typically results in a cleaner, leaner workplace, and lower absenteeism.

Aeroex Mist Eliminators are suitable for high-mist applications and are available with variable mounting options and configurations.

For more information, contact your distributor or visit the Aeroex website.

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