Bilz Tool Company Inc.

Available immediately, BILZ, the worldwide leading manufacturer of clamping tools for the sectors thread grinding and high performance tools, is able to offer the innovative technology JetSleeve. BILZ uses the advantage of the development and production cooperation with its partners to solve almost 90% of all its customers’ milling problems. The new benchmark in coolant supply impresses with its considerable economic and ecological advantages for customers in the mold and die industry, the automotive industry, and medical and dental technology.

Innovation for Customer Success
The heart of the new JetSleeve is shrink chuck with three compressed air holes and an aluminum sleeve. With the help of 16 holes at different angles on the front of the sleeve, the pressurized medium is forced at high speed and without separation to the working areas where the chips are blown away as soon as they are formed. This means no more milling cutter breakage. The result is a direct influence on considerably improved tool life and less annual tool costs. The most tangible cost advantages, however, are achieved by a significantly improved surface quality of the work pieces, because vibrations are reduced during the operation due to the hydraulic design of the JetSleeve holder.

Reworking such as finishing, polishing, and finish-milling are no longer necessary. JetSleeve can be used for milling cutters from diameters of 3mm up to 20mm and for all taper sizes HSK and SK, special solutions and lengths are always possible. Not only does this cover the biggest part of all milling tasks, but in contrast to former solutions. JetSleeve can also be used on all machines with internal coolant flow. This means a one-time investment cost which pays off immediately through higher production capacity. Process security is guaranteed due to the automatic operation, as there is no chip accumulation and programming is not interrupted.

Green Tec Principle Put into Practice
With JetSleeve BILZ has developed a perfect product which fulfills the highest requirements for eco-friendly products and production methods and also preserves resources in an exemplary way. The considerably reduced raw material consumption has a great effect on the production of milling tools. Furthermore, much less air pressure and power for compressors is needed and there is less oil pollution. JetSleeve gives clear signal for ecologically sustainable and energy efficiency in the world of machining.