F750M/960M Series Vertical Machine Center

F750M/960M Series Vertical Machine Center

Hyundai WIA


Officials at Hyundai WIA introduce two all new large capacity CNC vertical machining centers developed for machining industrial molds and dies, the F750M (travels: 61” X-axis, 29.5” Y-axis, 28.5” Z-axis) and F960M (travels: 96.5” X-axis, 37.4” Y-axis, 33.5” Z-axis).  Standard features found on both M-Series (M=Mold) machining centers include; 12,000rpm built-in spindle with Big Plus 50 taper spindle nose, thru spindle coolant with chiller, hardened and ground box guideways and HW MP II CNC Mold Package included in the control.

Main Spindle
Both the F750M and 960M feature a 12,000rpm built-in cartridge type spindle which is ideal for mold makers. Ultra precision class angular bearings provide high speed accel/decel for smooth machining at high rpm’s.  The main spindle delivers minimal noise and vibration even at the highest cutting speeds, guaranteeing extremely stable machining and minimizing thermal transmission to the main spindle, and with the use of a hydraulic tool lock system machining stability has been increased.

The standard Big Plus spindle system (BBT #50) provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the tool holder. This greatly increases tool rigidity, reduces run out and adds significant productivity to any machining application. Spindle motor is 16hp to 25hp with spindle torque rated at 893/732Nm.  The Big Plus spindle offers users the fastest possible material removal rates, highest accuracy and excellent rigidity. It guarantees stability when run at high spindle speeds for high rpm precision machining.

Standard Thru Spindle Coolant
Thru spindle coolant is standard on the F750M/960M Series. This feature is particularly useful for deep hole drilling where it’s necessary to keep chip flow clear of the cutting surface. Thru spindle coolant also helps to increase tool life and decrease cycle time.

Bed Structure
All guideways are hardened and ground, wide box type for unsurpassed long-term rigidity and accuracy. By adapting the “semi-rising sliding ways” system the load on the X- and Y-axis slide way is decreased dramatically enabling the M-Series VMC’s to hold tolerance and repeatability over longer cycle times. The F960M table is further supported at all times by the use of four box ways and two supplemental ways. This allows for a maximum table load of 4,500kg without any table distortion.

The bed, column and saddle of this VMC Series are designed using finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure powerful cutting and agility. In order to eliminate thermal growth during machining, all axes are driven by high precision double-nut ballscrews connected directly to the servo drive motors without gears or belts, eliminating backlash..  

ATC and Magazine

Hyundai WIA’s F750M/960M VMC’s are outfitted with 20-tool (40-tool optional on F750M), side mount swing arm type tool changers. This technology offers optimal performance with impressive tool change times of 3.5 sec tool-to-tool. With a capacity up to 40 tools (plus one in the spindle) setup time is reduced and run times can be made longer, especially if loaded with redundant tools.

The 20 (40 optional) tool swing arm automatic tool changer and magazine are separated by a shutter system which closes during machining, thus keeping chips and fluids clear of the ATC and magazine.  When a tool change is required, machining stops, the shutter opens, the ATC exchanges old tool for new, the shutter door then closes and machining begins again.  Number of tools: 20 (40 optional).  Maximum tool diameter — OD: 125mm. Tool selection method: Random. Tool weight: 20 kg.  Tool length: 300mm.

HW-MP II (Hyundai WIA-Mold Package II)
To aid in the machining of molds, the Hyundai WIA Mold Package is applied as a standard feature for the F750/960M Series machines.  This ensures accurate and high quality surface finishes and contouring.  Main points of the Mold Package include a Fanuc 31iA control, AICC II package, featuring machining condition selection function, AI contour control II, smooth backlash compensation, thermal displacement feature, and automatic power off feature.

The all new F750M/960M Series is easy to program and operate with its start-of-the-art  Fanuc 31i-Series CNC control featuring a 10.4” color LCD with Manual Guide i. As the industry’s most popular control, Fanuc offers compatibility and unparalleled reliability. A Siemens 825D control is also available. The new F750M/960M Series from Hyundai WIA is ideal for small to medium sized job shops, yet capable enough to handle high production environments that run 24/7.  By bundling so many high-performance features in a machine, there’s nothing to sacrifice or compromise. Further, it can be said without hesitation that this F750M/690M Series is the new face of Mold Machining.