Multi-Turn EBI 1135 Encoders

Multi-Turn EBI 1135 Encoders


The HEIDENHAIN EBI 1135 absolute inductive rotary encoder provides multi-turn ability in a very small package. With an overall length of less than 13mm, and a 37mm O.D., the EBI 1135 is one of the world's smallest – and toughest – rotary encoders. For designers of industrial automation systems and robotic technologies requiring small-footprint servos, it's ideal for position feedback and speed control solutions.

The EBI 1135's bearingless design and inductive scanning make it very robust in harsh industrial environments. Its fast EnDat 2.2 pure serial interface enables transmission of high-resolution absolute position values, even in applications with high electromagnetic noise potential, such as welding robots.

Automation Applications
•    Robotics
•    Mechatronics
•    Small-footprint servos

Features and Benefits

•    High resistance to contamination and vibration
•    262,144 (18 bits) positions per revolution, 65,536 (16 bits) revolutions
•    12.3mm stack height
•    Bearingless design
•    Multi-turn function via external buffer battery