E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detectors

E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detectors



The Eriez line of extremely sensitive E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detectors offers a powerful solution for detecting ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel contaminants. These cutting-edge metal detectors feature advanced digital signal processing for optimum performance and improved product purity.

To enable simple product set-up, monitoring, and operation, E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detectors include an easy-to-use touch screen (1/4 VGA) interface. The 4” high by 5” wide angled control with backlit screen allows users to quickly make changes without the hassle of scrolling through different menus. Numeric data and value entries are made through the on–screen keypad.

NEMA 4X-rated E-Z Tec Metal Detectors are an ideal choice for a wide range of industries, including food, textile, pharmaceutical, rubber, and chemical. These technologically-advanced units enable simple set-up, no matter the application.

Achieving the best performance for conductive products such as fresh meats, cheeses and fruits is accomplished speedily through the E-Z Tec DSP’s auto-setup menu. Minimal passes are required to determine the product settings.

To streamline operation from user to user, E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detectors offer two secondary language options: Spanish and Quebec French. The primary language is English.

Some of the many other highlights of these state-of-the-art machines include stainless steel construction, consolidated electronics, calibration verification, quick recovery after detection of large tramp metal and reject confirmation. To obtain more information, download a brochure or watch an E-Z Tec video, click here.