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Nat'l Fuel Gas Cuts PA Rates by 6.7%

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Falling Gas Prices Due to Increasing Marcellus Shale Gas Production.

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Manufacturing Group February 5, 2013

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp. has submitted to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission a quarterly adjustment to gas supply charges for its Pennsylvania customers.

This 6.7%decrease will lower the monthly bill of a typical residential customer using 90,000ft3 of gas annually by $5.16, from $76.61 to $71.45.

According to Sandra James, director of corporate communications, “Continued decreases in the market price of natural gas due, in large part, to the increasing Marcellus shale gas production, make this quarterly adjustment possible. This change reflects the cost of gas that has been, and will be, purchased by the company for its customers.”

Pennsylvania utility companies are permitted to update gas supply charges on a quarterly basis to reflect changes in the market price of natural gas. National Fuel’s next opportunity to adjust gas supply charges will be in May.

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