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Did You See? AM is Going to School!

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American Manufacturing - Student Edition is just what the economy ordered.

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Manufacturing Group January 9, 2012

Manufacturing is a core base in the United States economy and the need to gain the interest of students to the industry, the companies that supply the industry, and the technology is a pressing matter.

American Manufacturing - Student Edition is for the new generation of workers and focuses on the educational future of manufacturing and design engineers. Published six (6) times in 2013, American Manufacturing - Student Edition will feature:

  • Stories of current manufacturers discussing their involvement in a project that has made a difference/impact
  • Various curriculums at vocational schools and high schools that are making a mark in the manufacturing sector
  • Student views on the manufacturing industry
  • Advertorials from companies on their commitment to the advancement of the U.S. manufacturing sector and how they work with students to increase awareness of not only their brand but 21st manufacturing
  • Profiles of students working toward a career in manufacturing

If you know a student thinking about a career in manufacturing, send them this link, or click here to find out more information about the publication.

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