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KI Installs NE Wisconsin's Largest Solar PV System

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The new 115kW array converts sunlight into electricity, producing approximately 152,640kWh of clean energy annually.

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Manufacturing Group January 17, 2013

KI has completed the installation of Northeast Wisconsin's largest solar photovoltaic (PV) system at its Green Bay, WI, design and development facility.

The new 115kW array—comprised of 480 PV solar panels, covering approximately 22,820ft2 of rooftop space—converts sunlight into electricity, producing approximately 152,640kWh of clean energy annually while displacing 108 metric tons carbon dioxide emissions. The energy produced is the equivalent of sequestering carbon from 88 acres of forest or providing electricity to 13 U.S. households.

"KI remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and renewable energy," says Dick Resch, CEO, KI. "This expansive solar PV system will help KI reduce its energy use and carbon footprint, all while educating visitors, employees and our customers about the benefits and importance of renewable energy." 

The solar PV system is the largest in the Wisconsin Public Service service territory (24 Wisconsin counties and adjacent upper Michigan peninsula). The solar PV system was installed by Eland Electric Corporation and utilizes patented, solar-panel mounting systems from SolarDock—a Delaware corporation that specializes in designing and building solar electric systems.

"Renewable energy is extremely important to our customers and prospective clients who are increasingly more interested in our sustainability initiatives," says Norman Nance, vice president of A&D, environmental initiatives, KI. "Solar energy is another step in the right direction in furthering KI's ongoing commitment to sustainability."

The solar PV system was funded in part by a Focus on Energy grant. Additional funding was made available for the project from a WPS Bonus Bid Program grant awarded to Eland Electric to promote renewable energy

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