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FARO Technologies Inc.

250 Technology Park Lake Mary FL 32746

ph: (407) 333-9911 fax: (407) 333-4181

With more than 7,500 installations and approximately 3,800 customers globally, FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) and its international subsidiaries design, develop, and market software and portable, computerized measurement devices. The Company's products allow medical-product manufacturers to perform 3-D inspections of parts and assemblies on the shop floor. This helps eliminate manufacturing errors, and thereby increases productivity and profitability for a variety of industries in FARO's worldwide customer base.



FARO Laser Tracker X: It uses laser technology to accurately measure large parts and assemblies with up to .001" accuracy within its 230-ft. range. Its laser tracks and reports the 3D position of a hand-held probe using high-accuracy angular encoders and the new XtremeADM feature, which makes the model X less expensive, eliminates line of sight issues and enables users to perform all of their measurements in one mode. Tracker X also has immediate measuring capability and temperature management.

FARO Gage and Gage-PLUS features up to .0004" or .0002" accuracy, respectively, a complete line of accessories, and requires no training. Convenient, fast and intuitive enough for shop-floor personnel to use, the Gage also provides 3-D graphical and tabular SPC reports for QC managers.

FARO Laser ScanArm: Users can collect simple point variations with the Arm's hard probe, then laser scan (up to 19,200 points/sec) the sections requiring larger volumes of data - without adding/removing attachments, untangling cabling, or needing a separate CMM to import data. It's the industry's first ever 7-axis contact/non-contact measurement device with a fully integrated laser scanner.

Platinum FaroArm: Available in four- to 12-foot configurations, offers up to .0005" accuracy for inspection, reverse engineering and CAD-to-Part-analysis. It's ideal for facilities needing GD&T and SPC output. Durable enough for harsh manufacturing environments, yet lighter than standard portable CMMs, it also includes extended-use, on-board batteries.

CAM2 Measure: From hole patterns to complex curved surfaces, CAM2 Measure specializes in feature measurement/inspection and CAD-to-part comparison, whereby every measured part can be compared to engineering design files. Because it draws features as they are measured, process control becomes instantaneous.

FARO Laser Scanner LS: The latest addition to the FARO product line empowers users to digitize massive spaces into three-dimensional, action-ready data. Ideal for large-volume modeling, factory planning/redesign, quality control and forensics, it scans 120,000 points per second with 3mm accuracy. That's up to 100 times faster than a flight scanner.

FARO is ISO 9001 certified and ISO-17025 laboratory registered.