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L & L Energy Enters Project Agreement with Taggart

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Plan to Expand Each Other's Coal Businesses in China

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Manufacturing Group November 7, 2012

Officials at L & L Energy Inc.announces that the company has entered into a strategic project agreement with Taggart Engineering Ltd., an affiliate of Taggart Global, to jointly expand each other's coal businesses in China.

Taggart Global, a United States-based firm in Pittsburgh, PA, is known for innovative engineering and construction of environmental friendly coal washing and loading plants. Taggart's advanced coal preparation facilities have increased coal processing efficiency for their customers, including Anglo Coal, Peabody, and Shenhua. Taggart's China sales primarily include state owned mining operations, as most private mining operators lack economy of scale for Taggart's specialized washing and blending facilities. However, the coal quality produced from such technology is key for large end users, such as Datang Power.

Under the agreement, L&L, an American based coal company with coal mining resources and a logistics platform in China, will jointly build facilities with Taggart, using each other's advantage to mutually expand their coal businesses.

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