Z Trim Holdings Enters Agreement with Drilling Fluids

Companies Will Develop New, Environmentally-Friendly Drilling Fluids to Replace the Likes of Guar and Xanthan Gums

January 23, 2013
Manufacturing Group

Officials for Z Trim Holdings Inc. (ZTH), a bio-technology company providing value-added ingredients to a variety of industries, announce that the company has entered into a joint development agreement with Newpark Drilling Fluids LLC, a subsidiary of Newpark Resources, Inc., to develop new, environmentally-friendly drilling fluids that incorporate Z Trim's proprietary industrial materials that could replace the likes of guar and xanthan gums in drilling applications. 

"Newpark is among the world's largest drilling fluids companies, providing products and services to thousands of wells on four continents, so we're excited to have such a prestigious partner in the development of new oil drilling mud applications using our specialized industrial ingredients," says ZTH CEO, Steve Cohen.  "Months of testing has proved that our domestically-sourced ingredients possess unique properties differentiating them from ingredients commonly used in the drilling fluids industry, and further, that our ingredients can deliver superior and expanded functionality.  Based on these findings, we are optimistic that our products could have a meaningful impact on the energy industry."