Wallover Oil Launches New Website

New Features Include Easy "Find Your Rep" Page and Sampling Page

January 18, 2013
Manufacturing Group

Wallover Oil Co., a leader in the manufacture of metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants, has launched a brand new website.

The new website has a bold interactive look that makes it easy for visitors to review all of the Wallover products by product category, investigate the key markets in which Wallover sells its products, and read the latest Wallover news.

A new feature of the website is the "Find Your Rep" page which provides a map of all 50 states. Vistors click on their state to determine who their Wallover rep is. The name, phone number, and email address are offered so that contact can easily be made.

Another new feature of the website is the "Request a Sample" page where visitors can complete a simple form and request a sample of any Wallover product.

In conjunction with the launch of the new website, the company is starting a year-long recognition of its 150th anniversary. In honor of this landmark year, the company has created what it is calling a "History Blog" which will be updated weekly and trace the history of the company over the 52 blogs during 2013. The blog will be hosted on the home page of the website.