Universal Bioenergy Subsidary, Sacred Power Sign MOU

Sacred Power will provide clean energy products, equipment; NDR Energy will market solar, wind power products

January 6, 2013
Manufacturing Group

Officials for Universal Bioenergy Inc., a publicly traded independent diversified energy company, that markets and distributes natural gas, propane and coal, announce that NDR Energy Group, its subsidiary in Charlotte, NC, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), with Sacred Power Corp. In the joint venture, Sacred Power will provide the clean energy products and equipment, and NDR Energy will market their solar and wind power products and technologies to its growing base of commercial, industrial and municipal customers. This could potentially generate millions in additional revenues and profits for the company.

Sacred Power Corp., located in New Mexico, provides renewable and distributive energy and telecommunications solutions, remote power systems, and grid tie photovoltaic power generators to the government, and commercial customers, including the U.S. Military, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, U.S. Forest Service, and NASA.

Ken Harris, NDR Energy Group, president and CEO says, "This transaction with was in the works for almost a year. It provides us a strategic partnership with a company that is developing a strong track record of success in the renewable energy sector. Sacred Power has had tremendous recent success related to the sale of solar and wind equipment and power. NDR pursued this relationship to complement our present product offerings. And, while we are fully committed to growing our natural gas and propane operations as the U.S. approaches grid parity, we recognize the need for our energy company to diversify into the solar and wind verticals. We are moving quickly to consummate our first solar transactions. The progress of our renewables division will be a key priority at NDR throughout 2013."