City's Solar Program Expect to Save $7M

Hanford, CA, Chevron Energy Solutions complete solar program expected to reduce costs at the wastewater treatment plant.

December 9, 2012
Manufacturing Group

The city of Hanford, CA, and Chevron Energy Solutions have completed a transformative solar program expected to reduce energy costs at the city's wastewater treatment plant and save more than $7 million over the program's life. The installation uses a 1MW ground-mounted single-axis solar tracking system, which automatically positions solar panels towards the sun.

"The City of Hanford's future is brighter because of this project and the vision of sustainability it helps fulfill," says Sue Sorensen, Mayor of Hanford. "We are grateful to Chevron Energy Solutions for their dedication and for bringing in the necessary partners, such as Bank of America and Southern California Edison, to help provide energy-efficient equipment, project financing, and incentives."

The program is expected to cut Hanford's electrical utility purchases by nearly 50% at the wastewater treatment plant and offset annual carbon emissions by nearly 1,000 metric tons, an amount equal to removing about 200 cars from the road each year. Chevron Energy Solutions designed, engineered, and installed the solar system, and will perform operation and maintenance services for the city.