Company Addresses Drilling Surges

Torrent Energy Services Provides Solutions for Gap in Gas Pocessing Solutions

January 4, 2013
Manufacturing Group

As drilling reaches an all-time high in liquid-rich shale plays, the need for processing equipment has become critical. A new provider of modular and mobile NGL processing equipment – Torrent Energy Services – has been established to respond to this unprecedented demand. Torrent Energy Services provides both upstream and midstream gas processing solutions for NGL Recovery, Fuel Gas Conditioning, and Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and has regional offices in Central Texas, Denver, CO, and the Rockies. Additional offices will open throughout 2013 to support drilling activity throughout the United States.

“Torrent Energy Services will address a significant gap in gas processing solutions – oversight of all areas of processing and recovery, including equipment rental, transportation and installation,” says Lance Perryman, Chief Executive Officer of Torrent Energy Services. “Until now, operators have had to ‘make do’ with processing equipment that was either too large or too small to meet their needs, difficult to relocate, and expensive to maintain. Our modular and moveable rental fleet will give operators the flexibility and financial efficiencies they need to capitalize on today’s drilling boom.”

Torrent Energy Services offers Mechanical Refrigeration Units, NGL Stabilizers Units and NGL Storage Units. Torrent’s gas processing rental fleet is designed to be flexible to match each customer’s application while providing an inexpensive installation, little impact to the installation location, low maintenance and increased run times. The equipment is designed to maximize profitability. Torrent Energy Services is the only gas processing rental equipment company to provide a full service offering. With this comprehensive approach, customers are realizing a significant decrease in operating and capital expenses, while maximizing revenue and improving environmental safety.