Rotek Achieves ISO Certifications, Celebrates 50 Years

CEO says he hopes the company's KY plant will secure ISO certifications by next spring.

December 11, 2012
Manufacturing Group

Rotek Inc., a leader in forging seamless rolled steel rings and the design, development, and production of slewing bearings, has achieved ISO 9001-2008,  ISO 14001-2007, and ISO 18001-2007 certifications for its Aurora, OH, plant. Rotek has achieved these certifications, which require meeting rigorous international standards for quality, environmental controls, health, and safety, as it celebrates 50 years in business.

“The ISO certifications strengthen Rotek’s industry leadership position by helping assure our customers of continued product and process excellence as well as our commitment to employee health and safety and to the environment,” says Dr. Tim Gudszend, Rotek chief executive. “As part of our continuous improvement efforts, Rotek is beginning the ISO certification process for our plant in Florence, KY, and we hope to secure those certifications by next spring.”

In addition to manufacturing forged seamless rolled steel rings, is the market leader in manufacturing slewing bearings. Slewing bearings made in Aurora, which range from 80" to 240" outer diameter, are used to rotate heavy machinery and machines that lift heavy loads, including offshore oil drills, shipping cranes, earth borers and wind turbines. Its Florence plant produces smaller forged rings and slewing bearings, from 15" to 80" outer diameter, which are used in construction equipment such as excavators.

To meet customer demand, Rotek has made major investments in people, processes, and facilities. Over the years, the company moved its headquarters from Ravenna, OH, to Aurora, has built new plants in Aurora and Florence, and added production lines. Starting in 2008, it invested $82 million in its Aurora operations, including construction of a second ring mill. Today, Rotek is the only vertically integrated U.S. company to combine the forging of seamless rolled rings with slewing bearing production at one location.

“Our success is a testament to our dedicated workforce, past and present. We have many long-time employees, up to 30 years and more, and we want to thank them and all of our employees for their contributions,” says Gudszend. “We share a common purpose and culture, where top quality, leading-edge engineering knowledge and customer focus are our priorities.”