Pfister Energy Partners with Urban Green Energy

Pfister Energy Partners with Urban Green Energy

Under new deal, Pfister becomes UGE's partner for small, vertical axis wind turbines.

January 20, 2013
Manufacturing Group

Pfister Energy Inc., a leading renewable energy company known for its “stackable” green energy solutions, announced a partnership with Urban Green Energy (UGE), the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines. Under the master distributor deal, Pfister Energy becomes UGE’s partner for small, vertical axis wind turbines, a rapidly growing segment of the renewable energy industry.

UGE has nine product offerings which include multiple sizes and products for both commercial and residential use. Pfister Energy will have access to all of these UGE’s products, along with marketing materials, training programs and regional protection. The distribution partnership will supplement Pfister’s renewable energy offerings in New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, and New Hampshire.

Wind energy accounts for about three percent of the power generated in the United States. Wind turbine installations have exceeded natural gas plants in the United States, and a recent study by University of Delaware and Stanford University researchers suggests that wind energy has the potential to provide up to half of the world’s power supply.

“These smaller wind turbines represent a bright spot in the renewable energy sector, opening wind up to a whole new range of customers,” says Wayne Pfisterer, president of Pfister Energy. “This partnership adds a new dimension to our business and enhances the energy solutions we offer our customers.”

Ross DiLiegro, business development at UGE says, “Both of our companies share a successful business model of creating customized renewable energy solutions.  Our novel turbine designs and focus on battery back-up and grid independence go hand in hand with Pfister’s ‘beyond solar’ view of holistic installation and ‘stacked’ integration of renewable energy systems."