Morgan Technical Ceramics Installs Extruder

Expanding Its Extrustion Capabilities to Accomodate Industrial Heating Components

November 13, 2012
Manufacturing Group

Officials at Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) announce that its Latrobe, PA, site has with the installation of a new extruder that will facilitate the production of larger ceramic parts ideal for use in industrial applications such as thermocouples, thermostats, fuses, igniters, and heaters. The new extruder allows rods with an outside diameter (OD) of up to 1.5" and tubes with outside diameters up to 2.5" to be manufactured.

MTC offers a number of custom material formulations and blends that are particularly well suited for industrial heating applications, including alumina, steatite, magnesium oxide, and cordierite. These materials offer excellent electric insulation and mechanical and thermal properties. MTC Latrobe is already well known for supplying precision micro parts (from 0.019” OD rods and from 0.050” OD tubes) for aerospace, electronics, and medical devices, and these new capabilities will allow the company’s application engineers to apply their considerable materials knowledge and expertise to the high temperature requirements of applications in industrial heating and ignition systems.

In addition to the new extruding capabilities, the MTC Latrobe site has automated high-volume glazing capabilities, ideal for applying coatings on components that require wipe clean surfaces.