UMaine Engineers Working on Floating Wind Turbine

UMaine Engineers Working on Floating Wind Turbine

Would Be the Country's First Ever Floating Wind Turbine

December 13, 2012
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Engineers at the University of Maine are working on a unique way to harness energy that for now is just blowing in the wind.

More than 50 students and several faculty members at the university are manufacturing the United States' first ever floating wind turbine, according to WABI in Bangor, ME.

“We have the equivalent of 150 nuclear power plants worth of wind blowing off the coast of Maine,” says the director of UMaine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center Habib Dagher. “It only takes two nuclear power plants to power the whole state, that’s how big that resource is.”

The first test turbine will be released this summer, and the team expects the final deep shore floating wind turbine to be eight times larger, “with blades the height of the Washington Monument,” according to WABI.

The engineers say they hope this technology will be ready to make a wind park of more than 80 floating turbines by 2030.