"Integrated Industry" at Hannover Messe 2013

The Core of Business of the Supply Industry

December 21, 2012
Manufacturing Group

“Integrated Industry” at Hannover Messe 2013 illustrates the vital role played by the global subcontracting industry in the planning and production processes of its customers. The supply industry offers vital components and innovative processes for every stage of the industrial supply chain.  Precisely tailored to customer requirements, smart components and systems can be intelligently integrated into the production process. Subcontractors and suppliers will be showcasing their solutions and services to the international audience at Industrial Supply from April 8-12, 2013.  Visitors can expect an impressive overview of applications and task-oriented products and technologies.

Optimized Exhibition Layout Links Themed Displays and Facilitates Networking
The new layout of Industrial Supply, with core segments concentrated in specific halls, coupled with the benefits of being located in closer proximity to the related displays of surface treatment and green technologies, will ensure better industrial networking.  Thematic interfaces will be clearer as next year’s event sees two key related displays relocated in direct proximity to the supply industry.  With Surface Technology in Hall 3 and IndustrialGreenTec in Hall 6, exhibitors can expect more traffic and business leads.  Similar spin-off benefits will also be provided by Research & Technology, which remains in its former location in Hall 2.

The new exhibition layout means that the route followed by visitors around Industrial Supply starts in Hall 4 with displays focusing on solid forming and sheet metal forming, machined components, systems and sub-assemblies.  Hall 5 is dedicated to casting products, latches and locking systems, operating elements, as well as fastening techniques. Displays of industrial materials, materials technology and know-how, including joining and adhesive bonding technology, will be grouped together with lightweight construction in Hall 6.  At the southern end of Hall 6 the subcontracting and supply industry will interface with IndustrialGreenTec and a broad display of environment-friendly technology for industry.

Themed Parks Augmented by Expert and Discussion Forums
Industrial Supply is acknowledged as a global sourcing event.  The wide-ranging exhibition is augmented by various themed parks and special events, which provide more opportunities to present new products, make new contacts and exchange know-how and information.  The theme parks “gegossene Technik”, “Latches, locking systems and operating elements”, “Solid forming”, “SystemPartner”, “Engineering Ceramics,” and “WeP – Value-adding Partner ContiTech” attract a lot of attention among visitors, as does the Innovations Center for Engineering Materials and the Lightweight Construction Solutions Area.  The Suppliers Convention and the Materials Forum provide a platform where experts can exchange information and professionals engage in discussions – these events thus fulfill an important function that is intrinsic to the trade fair concept.

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