GE Increases Output of Wind Turbines in Turkey

GE Increases Output of Wind Turbines in Turkey

GE’s WindBOOST Service Technology to Provide Power Supply to Growing Energy Sector in Turkey

February 10, 2013
Manufacturing Group

Zorlu Enerji Group has selected GE’s WindBOOST service technology to enhance the output of 31 GE 2.5MW wind turbines at the Gokcedag Wind Farm in Turkey. The increased power supply will help meet Turkey’s growing demand for energy from cleaner, renewable resources.

GE recently installed its WindBOOST control software at the Gokcedag Wind Farm, located in the city of Osmaniye in the eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey. GE expects WindBOOST to increase the wind farm’s annual energy production up to 4%. WindBOOST is an ideal product for growing regions such as Turkey where increased development is creating energy demand in short time periods. GE made the announcement today at the EWEA trade conference in Vienna, Austria. Rotor Elektrik Uretim A.S., a subsidiary of Zorlu Enerji, owns the Gokcedag Wind Farm.

WindBOOST makes it possible for GE 2.5 wind turbines to increase their power curve to 2.75MW. Depending on wind speed and other site atmospheric conditions, the WindBOOST control automatically activates to increase the energy produced by each unit. Alternatively, WindBOOST can be turned on and off remotely, providing flexibility to ramp up power production.

"By upgrading GE 2.5MW wind turbines with WindBOOST software, Zorlu Enerji gets the benefit of increased energy production without additional equipment. The 31 wind turbines now operate at the same power curve as 2.75MW units, which is maximizing Zorlu Enerji’s return on investment,” says Andy Holt, general manager of wind services for GE’s renewable energy business. “Turkey has a target of reaching 20GW of renewable energy in 2023, and we are proud to help the region meet this goal.”

WindBOOST is one of many software and controls technologies in GE’s suite of wind service offerings that increase annual energy production. GE is harnessing the power of the “Industrial Internet” and using software and analytics to make its machines smarter and more efficient. WindBOOST is one of many services technologies providing between 2% to 4% additional power to GE wind turbine owners. If only 1% more power were produced from GE’s fleet of more than 20,000 turbines, there would be more than 875GW hours of power on the grid.