Watch Presentation on Fresh Water Wind Turbines

Youtube Video of Two Reps from ReWind Offshore

December 13, 2012
Manufacturing Group

A presentation by two representatives of the Swedish company, ReWind Offshore, discussing turbine installation in fresh water is now available to watch online.

Tore Wizelius, project director, and Åke Petterson Frykberg, CEO, spoke at Case Western Reserve University  in Cleveland, OH, about the company's plans to install ten turbines on Lake Vanern, the largest lake in Sweden, and plans for a second, larger installation.

The discussion led into thoughts about how to transfer ideas and techniques from ReWind Offshore into use in the United States' own large bodies of fresh water, including places like Lake Erie.

The video is available in two parts on Youtube:

Click here to view part one.

Click here to view part two.