Boston Gear Celebrates 135 Years

Founded in 1877 as a small machine shop manufacturing gear-cutting machines, Boston Gear quickly became recognized as a leader in the field.

April 30, 2012
Manufacturing Group

This year Boston Gear celebrates 135 years in business, longer than such venerable companies as I.B.M., Coca-Cola, General Electric and Ford. It’s been around longer than the light bulb, radio, movies, automobiles, and the airplane.

Boston Gear, part of Altra Industrial Motion, is a leading global supplier of quality power transmission products to most major industrial markets including food processing, packaging machinery and material handling. From its 193,000ft² state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC, Boston Gear offers a wider range of products than any competing company in its field. Many companies worldwide rely upon Boston Gear as their single-source supplier of motion control products.