Ambitious European Solar Plan Stalls

Two big backers have pulled out and the Spanish government has decided not to sign a declaration of intent.

November 20, 2012
Manufacturing Group

A plan to provide 15% of Europe’s power from solar plants in North Africa has stalled after two big industrial backers pulled out, and the Spanish government decided to wait to sign on building solar plants in Morocco.

The plan for the Desertec initiative, which has a projected budget of 400 billion euros, was to take advantage of the “enormous potential of solar and other renewable in North Africa,” according to the BBC.

The goal was to generate around 125GW of electric power by 2050, but now Siemens and Bosch have pulled their support from the initiative.

Spain’s support is also dwindling, as the country refused to sign a declaration of intent, saying it was having trouble finding necessary subsidies.

A spokesman for Desertec says these are small problems, and there is no reason to fear the initiative will not happen, according to the BBC.

Despite these setbacks, the Chinese government says it might invest in the project, so it can have access to the technology.