Clear Skies Builds Infrastructure

Signs With Infinite Energy Company

November 8, 2010
TES Staff

Clear Skies Solar Inc., a full-service renewable energy provider to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients, today announced that it has signed an agreement with IEC's CEO Cassandra Kling to expand the infrastructure for Clear Skies subsidiary Carbon 612 Corporation, the developer of the XTRAX(R) energy monitoring device.

Cassandra brings to CSS and Carbon 612 a decade of knowledge and experience in the commercialization of clean technologies. She is considered a national expert and pioneer in the alternative energy industry. Cassandra has career focus in creating market opportunities and successful business ventures in the clean energy field. Cassandra's background includes dynamic positions in both the public and private sectors. In Cassandra's position as the Renewable Energy Manager for the State of New Jersey, she created award winning programs and regulatory policy to bolster the renewable energy marketplace in NJ.

Ezra Green, CEO of Clear Skies, says: "We are very pleased to have Ms. Kling join us at CSS and Carbon 612. With Ms Kling's experience and expertise, we can now commercialize XTRAX(R) that much faster while exploring international markets ahead of our original schedule. The time has come for the incentive markets to be structured on one platform and C612 is designed just for that undertaking. XTRAX(R) is the backbone of a realistic, low cost comprehensive program structured to monetize and trade renewable energy credits (RECs) along with carbon credits with accuracy. XTRAX(R) will also be available for other incentive programs including feed-in-tariffs which generally require expensive hardware along with costly monthly charges. We designed our technology for the mass markets and will be expanding into the larger commercial sectors."

Continuing, Green notes that "CSS and C612, after having XTRAX(R) pass the important ANSI testing requirements at an independent testing laboratory with a high degree of accuracy, is now focusing on the US market and will be exploring international opportunities for 2011."

In addition, Green says: "Other markets are available to us such as the oil industry which holds several opportunities for us to capitalize on. Due to the comprehensive low cost advantage of XTRAX(R), C612 plans on offering licensing to various other industries that require these operating parameters. XTRAX(R) was designed to be industry-flexible while maintaining low operating as well as manufacturing costs far below anything that we know of that is available today. Operating on the cellular network, with the potential for satellite spectrums after some further engineering changes, there are few limits that will be placed on our patented technology. With ever expanding low-cost reporting requirements on all continents, XTRAX(R) has solved the dilemma plaguing developers as well as financiers alike."