Cupertino Electric Completes Solar PV System for CA School

Expected to Offset More than 80% of District's Annual Electricity Costs

November 11, 2012
Manufacturing Group

The Energy Alternatives Division of Cupertino Electric Inc. (CEI) has completed a ground-mount and parking lot canopy-based 1.2MW solar photovoltaic (PV) system for the Golden Valley Unified School District in Madera, CA. The district’s solar system was designed and built by CEI and was installed on canopies and nearby land owned by the district between February and June of 2012. 

“As school budgets continue to be razor thin, we are overjoyed to have a solar system up and running to offset our electricity costs at Golden Valley,” says Andy Alvarado, superintendent of Golden Valley Unified School District. “Our annual cost of electricity will be no greater than what we paid in the last year before we converted to solar, thanks to Cupertino Electric and project manager TerraVerde Renewable Partners.”

CEI installed nearly 4,000 solar panels on Golden Valley Unified School District property to produce a combined capacity of nearly 1.2MW. A majority of the solar panels are mounted on unused district property, while the remaining panels are mounted on school-based canopies that provide shade for students and faculty. The CEI-built solar system is expected to produce 1.7 million kWh of electricity each year to offset more than 80% of the district’s annual electricity costs.