China Files WTO Case Against Europe

China Files WTO Case Against Europe

Latest Retaliation from China for U.S. and Europe Imposing Import Limits

November 8, 2012
Manufacturing Group

In response to efforts by Europe and the United States to limit Chinese solar panel imports, the Chinese government has filed a case with the World Trade Organization, saying some countries in the European Union are implementing policies that favor purchasing solar energy equipment produced in Europe.

The Chinese commerce ministry posted a statement to its website, saying the European countries are discriminating against the Chinese solar panels, violating WTO rules. The statement did not name the countries or the specific equipment being discriminated against.

According to the New York Times, China has been batting the United States and the European Union over the issue for a while. The New York Times reports that “European and United States officials have accused China of dumping solar panels in foreign markets below the cost of manufacturing them and of subsidizing their manufacture.” China denies the accusations.

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