AnTech Gears Up to Target Directional Drilling Market

Major Facility Expansion & Recruitment Drive Mark 20th Anniversary

November 8, 2012
Manufacturing Group

Officials at AnTech Ltd., a directional drilling and design engineering services company serving the upstream oil and gas industries, announces that plans to become a full service coiled tubing drilling (CTD) services company by bolstering its CTD capabilities are proceeding on schedule.  With an initial investment received and further substantial investment in the pipeline, AnTech has kicked off its expansion plans.

“With the addition of five new employees and a major expansion of our global headquarters, we are well on our way,” says Toni Miszewski, managing director of AnTech.  “Coupled with the success of a critical CTD campaign in the shallow reserves of the Niobrara Formation, during which the Polaris - our CTD bottomhole assembly (BHA) - performed extremely well, it is all the more gratifying that we celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary this year."

Expanded Facility Offers Enhanced Service
To better serve its growing CTD customer base, AnTech has taken a number of significant steps during recent months.  The first phase of the extension and refurbishment of its headquarters in Exeter, England began in September.  The expanded complex offers significant benefits to customers and staff, with improved operations, manufacturing and equipment warehouse facilities.  In addition to improving its workshop and production facilities, AnTech has also expanded its office space, where it liaises with customers around the world to supply an extensive range of CTD, downhole, and completion tools, including the Polaris and Colt CTD BHAs, wellhead outlets and logging head tools. 

Search for Talented Engineers Yields Results
To ensure that all CTD operations are properly executed, and that customers continue to enjoy responsive service, AnTech has been actively recruiting for engineers, designers, and technicians.  Five new employees have joined the team, three of whom are experienced engineers, strengthening AnTech’s growing sales, design and production teams.  The new employees are: 

-Clair Brown: Engineering Manager
-Nicola Monger:Office Manager
-Francisco Arjonilla: Electrical Engineer
-Zoe Williams: Production Engineer
-Lauren Heath: Production Assistant

In an effort to train and retain young talent, AnTech also recruited five trainees who are involved in sales, mechanical engineering and production activities for placements of eight weeks to six months.  In addition to ongoing product development, their combined efforts will support CTD operations for customers in need of drilling S-curve, deviated and horizontal wells in the United States and across the globe.   

By year-end, AnTech anticipates that it will have hired more staff as it ramps up operations to carve out a niche in the specialist CTD global market. With initial funding received and the final phase of assessment for further investment nearly completed, the company is in a strong position as it rolls out its service capabilities. This will greatly enhance its ability to use its bespoke CTD systems to drill wells in shallow reserves cost-effectively, with minimal environmental impact.