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Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.


ph: (330) 343-4283 fax: (330) 602-3400

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. is a leading manufacturer of replaceable-tip drilling systems. Located in Dover, Ohio, Allied provides precision hole-making technologies with a high level of drill performance for end-users worldwide. The company’s precision engineering and expert application support make it an ideal choice for answers to complex metal-cutting challenges. Allied devotes its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to creating the widest selection of value-added tooling available to metal-cutting industries around the world. Its tooling solutions deliver the lowest cost per hole in many varieties of drilling, reaming and threading applications.
Established in 1941 by Harold Stokey, Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. entered the 1950s as a job shop, manufacturing tapered bearing lock nuts and accessories. Allied introduced a more effective universal-style spade drill in the 1960s, breaking new ground for the industry with patented developments in blade locking and particle metallurgy. In the 1980s, Allied pioneered innovative spade drill geometry and coatings that took hole-making to a level never before seen by the metal-cutting industry. In 1992, Allied formed a partnership with Allied Maxcut Engineering Co. in West Midlands, England, enabling customers within the European markets to access the high-quality Allied tooling and application support offered in the U.S.
Today, Allied’s commitment to offering products of unparalleled
quality continues to create value for customers, associates and the
surrounding community. The company’s focus remains constant:
•         Respect for those we serve
•         Product quality and technical excellence
•         Service to the customer
•         Maintaining the competitive advantage.