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Pennzoil introduces motor oil from natural gas

New motor oils use PurePlus Technology, which converts pure natural gas into a full synthetic base oil.

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Ames Lab names director

Adam Schwartz will begin position June 2.

DOE: $15M to help boost solar deployment

Funding will drive affordable, efficient solar power in the US and help industry partners meet renewable energy goals.

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What makes RFID systems industrial strength?

By Joe DiFranco

How to determining if equipment will survive in true industrial environments.

Plan a stop along the road to the ‘factory of the future’

By Mike DiFranco

HANNOVER MESSE 2014 takes Integrate Industry and Industry 4.0 to the next stage.

NY works to catch up with Calif.'s energy storage requirements

By Manufacturing Group

American Vanadium's president and CEO says NY is setting up to be a leader in energy storage.

From noodle machines to precision machine tools

By Elizabeth Engler Modic

A trip to Okuma’s Kani and Oguchi facilities, outside of Nagoya, Japan, highlights investments made for machine tool production and efficiency.

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Italian Trade Commission Manufacturing with Creativity

Alfredo Mariotti, secretary general Federmacchine discusses Italian creativity of the machine tool business.

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